Looking for the next great one-handed, short-session game after Super Mario Run? Try THETA Poker Pro.

Here's the tale of the tape:

CategorySuper Mario RunTHETA Poker ProAdvantage
Name3 words, 5+5+3 letters3 words, 5+5+3 letterstie
Bad Anagram"Uranium Ropers""Pork Heater Pot"tie
Game TypeSide-Scrolling Auto-RunnerNo-Limit Texas Hold 'Em Pokertie
One-Handed PlayYesYestie
Play OrientationPortrait-onlyPortrait or Landscape (Apple TV version is Landscape-only)TPP
Session Length90+ secondsAnyTPP
Network Access RequiredYesNoTPP
Play ModesTwo (SMR World Tour and Toad Rally)Two (Career Mode and Custom Mode)tie
DifficultyEasy to learn, difficult to masterEasy to learn, difficult to mastertie
Familiar CharactersMario, Luigi, Princess Peach, et al.King of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, et al.tie
DeveloperNintendo, a multi-billion dollar Japanese corporation that began making playing cards in 1889Robert Jen, an independent American developer who began making iPhone playing card games in 2008SMR
ProfitabilityMade enough money to buy an islandMade enough money to buy an eyelash (maybe even a pair if they aren't really nice ones)SMR
ReplayabilityVery GoodExcellentTPP
AccessibilityNoYes (even includes special VoiceOver menu)TPP
BenefitsImproved Hand-Eye CoordinationImproved Poker SkillsTPP
Device SupportiPhones and iPads running iOS 8+iPhones and iPads running iOS 8+ and Apple TV (4th generation)TPP
Price$9.99 in-app purchase (no ads)$3.99 (universal purchase with no in-app purchases and no ads)TPP

Winner: THETA Poker Pro (8 to 2).