Turning VoiceOver On

VoiceOver is an iOS Accessibility feature that enables your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to audibly describe to you what's on the screen. To turn on the VoiceOver feature:

tvOS and iOS 7 and higher

Tell Siri, "VoiceOver on" or "Start VoiceOver". To turn VoiceOver off, tell Siri, "VoiceOver off" or "Stop VoiceOver". Note: in iOS, hold down the Home button until you hear a double-beep to activate Siri (this works even when the screen is locked). In tvOS hold down the Siri button on your Apple TV remote control.

[With the Siri remote, you can also triple tap the Menu button to toggle VoiceOver, provided that in the Settings app you have the General->Accessibility->Accessibility Shortcut set to "VoiceOver".]

iOS 6 and iOS 5

In iOS 6 and earlier (or if you prefer not to use Siri):
  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Select General.
  3. Scroll almost to the bottom and select Accessibility (in iOS 7/8 you don't need this step as the option is near the middle of the screen).
  4. Select VoiceOver.
  5. Tap the VoiceOver toggle so it reads ON (green in iOS 7/8). Toggle it to OFF (white in iOS 7/8) to turn VoiceOver off.

To make it easier to toggle VoiceOver on and off: At the bottom of the Accessibility screen, you can set the Triple-click Home option to VoiceOver. This lets you turn VoiceOver on and off just by triple-tapping the Home button instead of going to the Settings app each time.

Important iOS Notes

When VoiceOver is on, use a double-tap instead of a single-tap to activate an object. It is safest to tap once to select the object (confirmed by VoiceOver) then double-tap to activate it (if another object is already selected, an immediate double-tap elsewhere will usually activate the previously selected object, not the new one). Use three fingers instead of one to scroll.

tvOS Notes

In tvOS, some item on the screen always has the focus, and you can swipe on the Dpad to change the focus and click on the Dpad to activate the focused item. For efficiency on the Poker Table screen, the action occurs as soon as you swipe, and a click is not required unless you are checking or calling (the button that has the focus by default).

Using VoiceOver in THETA Poker Pro

The THETA Poker Pro app is fully VoiceOver enabled, and the following can make it even easier to use with Accessibility turned on.

VoiceOver (Accessibility) Menu: new top-level menu option provides the following seven choices:

Notes: "Message Duration", "Animation Speed", "Announce Blinds", and "Announce Cards" can also be accessed from the Options->Settings->Play Speed menu. "Bet Window Style" is also on the Options->Settings->Miscellaneous->Bet Window menu. "VoiceOver Help" is also on the Options->Help menu.

Speech Rate

If some announcements, like the flop, are being cut off despite slowing down the Message Duration, you may need to decrease the iOS speech rate instead. For example, the enhanced Alex Voice may not work below 30%.

Gestures in iOS

Remote Control Actions in tvOS



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