About THETA Poker Pro

THETA Poker has been praised by 148Apps as the “best Texas Hold’em game available for the iPhone OS, hands down” and by Pocket Gamer UK as taking “computerised poker to new levels of artificial intelligence”. Rob Walch of the “Today in iOS” podcast praised the app by saying, “If you’re a serious poker player or if you’re thinking about playing poker in home games or you’re just losing your money and want to get a little bit better and need some practice without losing your money, THETA Poker’s nice… gameplay, two thumbs up”.

Now, three years in the making, THETA Poker Pro – Texas Hold ‘Em, the worthy sequel to THETA Poker has at last arrived with hundreds of improvements, including a challenging and addicting career mode, stronger opponents, pre-folding to speed play up even more, heads-up displays and other new stats, and more configurable options!

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If you’ve ever dreamed of playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event, now you can build up your virtual bankroll from nothing to a $10,000 buy-in to the THETA Poker Pro 10,000-Player World Championship! THETA Poker Pro is the strongest, fastest, and most configurable iOS Texas Hold ‘Em game, designed to improve your game while providing endless hours of fun. Play where you want, when you want, and how you want. No waiting.


  • Human-Like AI: Play against the strongest and most realistic artificial intelligence players on any cell phone or tablet.
  • Incredible Tournament Details: Muck your cards to fold; shove all your chips to the middle to go all-in; view complete blind and payout schedules; experience table balancing, chipping up, dead buttons, tighter bubble play, and more.
  • Convenient Twitter, Facebook, and Email Integration: Share pictures or text of your favorite hand or your worst bad beat with a swipe and a few taps.
  • Clean, iOS-Optimized User Interface: Simple and obvious taps and swipes for all actions with an efficient and unique betting mechanism. Portrait or Landscape. Optimized for one-handed operation on all but the full-size iPad.
  • Full Sound and Music Control: Experience real gaming sounds while listening to your favorite local music (including sort-by-album and other special features) or streaming audio like Pandora, Spotify, Shoutcast, and Songza.
  • Complete Hand History: View or email any hand recap from the current event; optional Rabbit Hunting to show what might have been. Send yourself an entire tournament to analyze on your Mac or PC.
  • Advanced Heads Up Display: Tap on any opponent to see their HUD statistics (How tight are they playing? Should you respect their early-position three-bet?). View your own HUD data to improve your play and see how your opponents might perceive you.
  • Extensive Statistics: See how you’re doing in the current event, the current career level, or overall for a given career difficulty or custom mode.
  • Flexible Configuration: Choose the event type (Freezeout Tournaments, Shootouts, or Ring Games), table size, tournament size, play speed (up to 1,000 hands per hour!), and much more.
  • Total VoiceOver Accessibility: Play without even looking at the screen as all actions are announced out loud. THETA Poker Pro is the first and only fully VoiceOver accessible Texas Hold ‘Em app!

THETA Poker Pro is a universal app that runs on all devices running iOS 5 through iOS 9. The graphics and layout are tailored for each device, including iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus.

Latest News

  • Saturday, August 18, 2018: In an overly broad sweep of the App Store, Apple has removed THETA Poker Pro from sale along with every other gambling-related app from individual developers. After several discussions with them, I have decided to stop fighting them and concentrate my efforts on my new app, Poker Omnibus W50P.
  • Friday, February 1, 2013: THETA Poker Pro – Texas Hold ‘Em is now available in the App Store. Many thanks all to the tremendous beta testers, some of whom have played hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of hands over the last three years! All of your great ideas are most appreciated, even if some of them haven’t made it into this initial release.
Brought to you by Poker Omnibus W50P, the incredible World Series of Poker history app for iPhone & iPad.