NOTE: THETA Poker Facts for Amazon Alexa is no longer available as of August 2018.

Tell your device, "Alexa, enable THETA Poker Facts."

Then, for a single poker fact say, "Alexa, ask THETA Poker Facts for a fact." (Don't accidentally ask for just "Poker Facts", as that is a different skill from another developer.)

For multiple facts, say, "Alexa, open THETA Poker Facts." Then after each fact, you have eight seconds to say, "Next" or "More" (or a variety of other possibilities; if the one you like doesn't work, email, and we'll consider adding it).

THETA Poker Facts are brought to you by THETA Poker Pro, the strongest, fastest, and most configurable Texas Hold 'Em game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV. The facts were all written initially for the Hold 'Em at Home" blog or the Bonus Features section of the THETA Poker Pro app (which was initially added for Top Shelf on Apple TV).

THETA Poker Facts currently consists of over 250 facts, but more will be added as they are written for the blog and the app.