Poker Hand Ranks

From best to worst, the five-card hands in Texas Hold 'Em and most other high-ball poker games are ranked below. All five cards in the hand are used to break ties, and it doesn't matter which cards from the hand and which cards from the board are used. If both hands are the same after five cards, the pot is split evenly between them.

In most games, the cards speak, but you should know what your best hand is at all times. It's also helpful to figure out what the best possible hands are given the current board. In Hold 'Em, any paired board makes a four-of-a-kind and multiple full houses possible. Any board with three of one suit makes a flush possible. And any board with three cards within a sequence of five makes a straight possible (if they're the same suit, then a straight flush is also possible). Barring all of those, the best possible hand is three of kind of the highest card on the board.

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