Welcome to Jeopokerdy! This is a trivia game featuring 61 poker trivia clues, mostly about Texas Hold 'Em. You can read through them quickly as solitaire or play a game with one or more players.

Jeopokerdy Solitaire

When you think you know the question to an answer, mouse over the dollar value (or the category name in Final Jeopokerdy) to see if you're right. You can either keep track of your own score or just play along for fun.
  1. Play the Jeopokerdy Round (mouse over or tap the dollar amount to reveal the question).
  2. Play the Double Jeopokerdy Round.
  3. Make your Final Jeopokerdy wager: decide how much of your winnings you'd like to risk in the Final Jeopokerdy category Rounders.
  4. Play the Final Jeopokerdy Round (mouse over or tap the category name to reveal the question).

Jeopokerdy Game

You can play the Jeopokerdy game boards by yourself or with one or more opponents (you need to provide your own timing mechanism and scorekeeping. Apologies for the incorrectly implemented Daily Doubles; BYOJeopardy only has one Daily Double in the Double Jeopokerdy round, and the Daily Doubles have their own categories instead of using the column's category; you can play each board a second time or go to the solitaire game above to see the two clues that got skipped).
  1. Play the Jeopokerdy Round
  2. Play the Double Jeopokerdy and Final Jeopokerdy Rounds


Jeopokerdy! is brought to you by THETA Poker Pro, the strongest, fastest, and most configurable Texas Hold 'Em game in the App Store.

Special thanks to the J! Archive for their amazing collection of Jeopardy! games and the basis for the CSS question pop-up code used here.