Texas Hold 'Em Rules

Texas Hold 'Em is a stud poker variant in which each player receives two hidden hole cards before five community cards are revealed. There are four betting rounds: pre-flop (before any community cards are dealt), the flop (after the first three community cards are dealt face-up), the turn (after the fourth community card is dealt face-up), and the river (after the fifth community card is dealt face-up).

Button: The dealer (D), or the dealer position in the case of a casino dealer or other fixed dealer, is indicated by a button. This player is the last to act in each betting round after the flop.


Antes: A game's rules may also include an ante, a bet placed into the pot before each hand by all players before the cards are dealt. This is in addition to the blinds for those two players.

Minimum Bets: The player to the left of the Big Blind acts first and may either fold (quit the hand by putting his cards face down in the middle of the table), call the Big Blind (match the amount of the Big Blind), or raise. The minimum raise is to twice the previous raise, so initially this is twice the Big Blind. On subsequent betting rounds, the minimum opening bet resets to the size of the Big Blind. [On THETA Poker Pro's Raise screen, bets are rounded to an even chip amount and raised to the minimum if too low.]

Maximum Bets: The three main variations of Texas Hold 'Em are distinguished by their maximum bets. No Limit Hold 'Em allows any bet (up to all of the player's chips) at any time. Pot Limit Hold 'Em allows bets up to the current size of the pot (which includes the size of the call for a raise). Limit Hold 'Em specifies an exact maximum for all bets and raises. This is usually one amount pre-flop and on the flop and a higher amount on the turn and river. [THETA Poker Pro currently implements No Limit Hold 'Em only.]

Maximum Reraises: Most No Limit Hold 'Em games allow unlimited reraises, while Limit and Pot Limit games often have a maximum number of reraises (e.g., three) on each betting round. [THETA Poker Pro defaults to unlimited reraises but can be configured to limit the number.]

Winning the Pot: If at any time during a hand, all but one player has folded, the remaining player wins all of the chips in the pot. Otherwise, the hand proceeds to the showdown after betting on the river. The player with the highest valued five-card poker hand wins the pot. In the event of a tie, the spot is split evenly, with the odd chips given to the player[s] closest to the Small Blind moving clockwise away from the Button. [See Hand Ranks for the relative value of poker hands.]

Ending the Game: Most tournaments end when you lose all your chips, or you win all of everyone else's chips. Ring games end when you lose all your chips or voluntarily exit the game. [THETA Poker Pro also allows you end the current game at any time by selecting New Event from any Options screen.]

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